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news thingy number one!

2009-06-23 23:08:27 by flyingsteps

Well, the crying face made me sad everytime i went on my page so BAM!

News...umm...I'm sick and at home from school so I'll be laying out several tracks from FL Studio <3.

Not much else...umm...Jesus loves you!

news thingy number one!


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2009-06-24 02:19:22

im sorry to inform you that you have uncurable newgrounds aids


flyingsteps responds:

LOL I'm a newb no idea what you mean...GG


2010-06-02 04:02:39

HI DAIL WHATS UP DAIL BE MY FWEND DAIL DAIL1!1!111one!!!!!!!!!!!11!111!!111e leven1!!!

Ok seriously. i didnt know u submitted shit! sweet